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Articles worth reading

Te Hui Whakatika - case study #1

Participation within Māori paradigms to restore harmony in school Participation within Maori paradigms  Participation within Maori paradigms to restore harmony in school-1.doc 51.50 Kb
An excerpt from an article in Set 2008 #1, (Berryman & Bateman, 2008).

Te Hui Whaktika  - case study #2

Te Hui Whakatika: Culturally responsive, self determining interventions for restoring harmony Te Hui Whakatika.doc 47.00 Kb
An excerpt from an article in Kairaranga Journal of Education Practice, (Bateman & Berryman, 2007).

Overcoming Resistance to Whole School Uptake of Restorative Practices
Overcoming__Resistance.doc 256.50 Kb
The Challenge of Culture Change: Embedding Restorative Practice in Schools
Embedding Rest Pract.doc 220.00 Kb
School violence and community conferencing: The benefit of Restorative Justice
School violence and RJ.pdf 151.25 Kb

Building Restorative Prisons - IIRP Eforum
newell.pdf 175.82 Kb
Power & Authority - IIRP Eforum
powerauthority.pdf 181.81 Kb


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